Saturday, March 11, 2006

One of a select few yet still important reasons I should own a PSP

Mega Man Powered Up
Sweetened fanciful Moses this game looks too good to be true. The entire first Mega Man game done in 3D, which is reason enough to buy the thing, but also includes two new levels/bosses, the ability to play as the Mega one, his sister Roll, and Boss Robots like Gutsman and Cutman, a level editor, and other online features. Glory be unto Mega Man in the highest, and on Earth, peace, and good will to all men.
Only worries I have are that the graphics are a little too childish to say the game wont be like kid's-level difficulty. Also while they kept the origional music, they sort of converted all the minor chords into major ones, so it sounds, I dunno, wrong-ish. More of that kid-ish-ness I suppose. Anyways, check the trailer. Mega Man Powered Up

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