Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day of the Numbers

Today is 4/20, which is a particularly interesting number to a certain kind of person. They tend to get all funny in the head, celebrating in secret with their closest friends, doing the sort of things they like to do and which I will not specifically mention in this post for fear of condoning such actions (though I do not explicitly decry their right to such celebrating) but I will take the opportunity of this numerically significant day to discuss a few interesting numbers, in the hopes that it may provide informative succor to those of you not joining those particular people in celebrating Hitler's 117th birthday.
Oh, wait, you didnt think I was talking about weed, did you?

10,000,000,000 - Amount of US dollars to be spent on current American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Per month.

2,500,000 - Number of Unique visitors per month to the website of Rolling Stone Magazine.

33 - Current Approval Rating of President Bush, as tabulated by, of all places, Fox News.

I am out of numbers now, should have found more before posting, but really they were ust an excuse to make a bad joke at the expense of potheads and Hitler. Sorry about that.

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