Tuesday, May 9, 2006

E3 - Day 1 post

Go to Joystiq or Kotaku for the news, I'd link to the specific articles for references but its too damn fresh right now to be thinking straight, and besides there are already better game news sites out there. This is what has so far been announced.

- Sony has decided to forgo developing a game console, and has instead put a laptop computer inside of a George Foreman grill. The "good" PS3 (more on that in a sec) will have a 60GB Hard drive, SD Ram support, Hi-Def, built-in 802.11g Wi-Fi, and 256MB of video ram. The "cheaper" version loses the card support, the hi-def, the wi-fi, 40 gigs, and will make dogs hate you. Theyre apparently doing this to make their console like the Xbox 360 which released two versions, one people wanted, and the "core" system that people only bought on launch day because they underproduced the good one and could upgrade later.

- The "Good" and "Cheap" PS3s will cost $599 and $499 respectively. Sony has done this because apparently they are insane in ways unknown to science, or are actually trying to go bankrupt. The larger-than-sensible pricee is more than anything due to the inclusion of Blu-Ray DVD tech inside the system, which is still such prototypical technology that nobody seems to even want to figure out how to use it just yet except for PS3 games specifically, so instead of absorbing the loss to gain market dominance, theyre basically trying to discourage people form buying their product by making it prohibitavely expensive. The 360 will have a Year lead-in on the PS3, and will most likely come down in price at the time. Theyve stopped producing the crappy "core" system, which means that a 360 which is in every rational sense entirely comparable with the PS3 will likely cost around $350 if not less at the time the PS3 comes out, putting it at around half the price, so really, which one are parents gonna buy for their kids?

- The PS3 controller has been redesigned to mimic the DualShock 2 in every way but the Shock (No Rumble, apparently they were sued for a copyright on putting small motors inside things) and is wireless (which is, okay, a good thing that theyre not doing a core thing and depriving the cheap of that). Theyve also put this tilt-sensor thing in it because they really believe that makes sense somehow, even though a few have tried it already and failed. Hell, they probably did it because it failed even, who knows with these idiots. Well thats it, I'm done with them now.

- Nintendo's Wii (god it feels as stupid to type as it does to say) will have a sort of SNES looking game pad attachement to play the library of legacy games with which looks okay from the graphic, but apparently there hasnt been a hands on yet so its hard to say.

- Also there is no set price for the... look I'm calling it the Revolution and screw you if you have a problem with that. Rumors though put the price for what is essentially a slightly upgraded Gamecube at something like $250, which I would be willing to bet is actually erring on the high side of it. Even the 360 wont come out lower than that, which puts Nintendo in a position to reclaim dominance of the market if they play their cards correctly, and knowing how well theyve operated before this would be no surprise

- Its 4pm EST now, which is when Microsoft has ended their press conference, and theyre basically doing the right thing by just announcing games that people are going to be looking for. Apparently the Halo 3 Trailer has just hit, and they announced Grand Theft Auto 4 a little while ago. I dont own an Xbox of either species, and probably never will. Just dont really care for it. But I'll say that they at least are running their business correctly.

So to summarize, Nintendo's being vague, Microsoft's sticking to their guns, and Sony has gone bat-excrement goat-fornicating insane.

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