Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dammit Schmammit

A whole week passing between posts.I'm beginning to wonder if I'm intentionally making myself lax in this to justify some inborn need to yell at myself.

Well this weekend I got a DS Lite... and while I do feel it is a marvelous system that I do not regret purchasing... um...

Well here's the thing, I cant actually find anything I want to play on it. I managed by sheer luck to get a preorder of a rerelease of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in which you play a Lawyer. If youve never heard of it before that last sentence will fail to impress you as much as the game itself should. Its fun and funny, a combination too tragically rare in video games these days. I also got Brain Age, which I'm having some trouble with, in one day my BA score went from 53 to 24, and I think it had more to do with which tests I got than with the homework assignments the "game" has been giving me.

These are the only two games I own so far. I'm tring to find some others people have recommended loud and proudly, but I cannot for the life of me locate Trauma Center, Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Advance Wars DS or Kirby Canvas Curse. I'll definatelyly break down and get New Super Mario Bros eventually, and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time too, and Mario Kart and Tetris DS when my brother gets a system, but you know right now I want some stuff that really uses that touch screen, that makes use of the systems identifying feature without just putting some map or something on it. I dunno... is Animal Crossing actually any fun? Ive never played but it sounds like, I dunno... work...

Well anyway theres my personal musings for today. Nothing much else to talk about except I'm still sick with something, some virus taking its time getting through my system.

Anyway, here's a thing...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thoughts on Ads

There are two reasons I havent implemented BlogAds into this site, and nither really has to do with me not wanting to Sell Out to the Man exactly. Well okay the second one does, but we'll get to that in a minute. The first reason is I dont know if its worth the effrot. I mean really, does anyone actually read this damn thing I write so infrequently? If so please feel free to leave a comment or something so I can have some gauge of m readership if such exists.
The second is that, if I do, I'm reasonably sure I'll have to take on one of those ads that are on every other blog with that crappy cartoon about "The Future of the Internet", and I say crappy not just because of its intentionally-bad-because-oh-ha-ha-thats-damn-hilarious-isn't-it-itude, but also because its argument is basically nonsense. The telecoms want to control how you use the internet. Thats basically it. They say because they want to build a "smart network", which is nonsense, since the network is a tool, and no such thing as a "smart hammer" exists. Ah hell, I'm still and cant be bothered to explain it better. Just go Ask a Ninja.

Then visit and get involved if you like. They debunk the various deceptions the ISPs are tring to slide down our throat, so screw them and their stupid ad.
And speaking of stupid ads, here is Joe Lieberman's lates stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid campaign ad against Ned Lamont in CT. I'd provide context for the ad if I though id would make sense if I did, but nothing can sane-ify something this stupid. And can I say incidentally thank god for YouTube?
Well I'm done I guess, feeling ill, need rest, body tired, ability to form cogent entences gone bye bye, sleep now.

Sick day

Feel like hell. Mom says I have meningitis except I think its going away by now really, but either way I cant put together the post I want to about Louisiana's governor Kathleen Blanco being stupid stupid stupid stupid so very very stupid. So screw it, enjoy this video fom E3 this past may hat shows the Wii in action. Kicks a little ass i think.

Monday, June 19, 2006

AMV as a means of apology for lapse in service

I really wish to hell I had some good reason or other to explain why I havent posted in so long, some personal family thing maybe, I dunno, but I really just sort of kept meaning to for a while. I guess maybe I'll catch on to this eventually and get more serious about it, but until I do, I'm going to try to make at least one post ever-other-daily, even if it only contains one or two silly things I think are cool.

Todays thing is an AMV by ISTIV Studio called The Race.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

It are my berfday today!

*does little dance* Yay me!

Wish I had stuff to talk about, but dont really. Got gifts, went to a movie, enjoyed self all around. Not much else to say as far as the two primary topics I intended to write about on the blog, gaming and politics. which is to say that altough a great deal indeed is forever going on in these two arenas, theres nothing I really feel partifularly inclined to comment on.

Oh, except the PS3 will probably not suck as bad as I had previously thought. Mostly because of its recently announced Homebrew software capabilitles. I was planning to make my old PC a sort of media center hub for videos, emulators and such, but hell it really looks like the PS3 will do all that crap anyway, cause you know people will be making NES, Genesis, hell probably even Xbox emulators for it eventually, someone'll make a Tivo for it, somebody will port Itunes to it, hell, I'm looking forward to getting one when they get cheap.

Oh what? I may be a fanboy but I have some limits here people.