Saturday, June 3, 2006

It are my berfday today!

*does little dance* Yay me!

Wish I had stuff to talk about, but dont really. Got gifts, went to a movie, enjoyed self all around. Not much else to say as far as the two primary topics I intended to write about on the blog, gaming and politics. which is to say that altough a great deal indeed is forever going on in these two arenas, theres nothing I really feel partifularly inclined to comment on.

Oh, except the PS3 will probably not suck as bad as I had previously thought. Mostly because of its recently announced Homebrew software capabilitles. I was planning to make my old PC a sort of media center hub for videos, emulators and such, but hell it really looks like the PS3 will do all that crap anyway, cause you know people will be making NES, Genesis, hell probably even Xbox emulators for it eventually, someone'll make a Tivo for it, somebody will port Itunes to it, hell, I'm looking forward to getting one when they get cheap.

Oh what? I may be a fanboy but I have some limits here people.

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