Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thoughts on Ads

There are two reasons I havent implemented BlogAds into this site, and nither really has to do with me not wanting to Sell Out to the Man exactly. Well okay the second one does, but we'll get to that in a minute. The first reason is I dont know if its worth the effrot. I mean really, does anyone actually read this damn thing I write so infrequently? If so please feel free to leave a comment or something so I can have some gauge of m readership if such exists.
The second is that, if I do, I'm reasonably sure I'll have to take on one of those ads that are on every other blog with that crappy cartoon about "The Future of the Internet", and I say crappy not just because of its intentionally-bad-because-oh-ha-ha-thats-damn-hilarious-isn't-it-itude, but also because its argument is basically nonsense. The telecoms want to control how you use the internet. Thats basically it. They say because they want to build a "smart network", which is nonsense, since the network is a tool, and no such thing as a "smart hammer" exists. Ah hell, I'm still and cant be bothered to explain it better. Just go Ask a Ninja.

Then visit and get involved if you like. They debunk the various deceptions the ISPs are tring to slide down our throat, so screw them and their stupid ad.
And speaking of stupid ads, here is Joe Lieberman's lates stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid campaign ad against Ned Lamont in CT. I'd provide context for the ad if I though id would make sense if I did, but nothing can sane-ify something this stupid. And can I say incidentally thank god for YouTube?
Well I'm done I guess, feeling ill, need rest, body tired, ability to form cogent entences gone bye bye, sleep now.

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