Saturday, October 14, 2006

Main screen turn on

Seeing if I can restart the Blog at this point, not yet sure why I would want to. I dont want to make this a livejournal kind of thing, on account of I think its edgy to think Emo is stupid. Anyway not alot to talk about, Newly addicted to two games, Perplex City and World of Warcraft, I invite you to research if you dont know much about either game, only Perplex is consuming my money at the moment though. Will talk more later, am actually running late for something at the moment, but enjoy the new look, brought to you through the inter-tube.
For your viewing pleasure, have a look at decades-old games journalism, lead in by known imbecile Bill O'Reiley

He had trouble with Lincoln Logs? Well I guess it fits...

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