Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Michael Steele Update

Turns out that Senate candidate Michael Steele isnt just a friend of known rapist Mike Tyson as I indicated below, he's also very close to Don King who, and I'm surprisided I didnt know this before, has killed two people.

From Oliver Willis:

So you have to wonder - why is Steele doing this? He thinks the black voters in Maryland are stupid. The Bush/Cheney campaign enlisted the help of King in 2004 in some sort of perverted outreach to black voters, and while the electoral results made clear that the strategy just didn't work, the Steele campaign - and its boss, Michael Steele, don't know any better. They think the way to appeal to black Americans is to just grab a famous black face - any famous black face, no matter if its a convicted murderer or a rapist. Proving once again that black conservatives are way out of touch with the black mainstream, Steele and his merry band have put on what amounts to a sad show - parading out black people they feel are "known" and will motivate "them" to come out and vote for "one of us".
They should be ashamed, but they aren't. They actually think this is the way to woo black voters to their side. They figure if they talk down to us and distract us with the shiny people, we're so dumb we'll just have to go vote for them.
How pathetic.
P.S.: I wonder - was OJ busy?

But he sure loves himself some fscking puppies, let me tell you.

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