Monday, December 11, 2006

Another one of those "Oh but I haven't posted in a while" posts...

...but this time with a twist. Turns out, somebody has actually read my silly little blog, and not only that, has posted a comment. Cooler still, he's an active duty military officer. Hell this is a red letter day here in the Rex-cave.
In other news, um, lets see whats happened in the past few months... lesse... Democrats take Congress, jackass Santorum (R-PA) is out but jackass Lieberman (CT4L-CT) stays... Florida video game ban ruled unconstitutional, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii released (and the Wii is just... God. There is no God but Wii and Zelda is his prophet) and in personal dork-news Ive nearly got an entire set of Perplex City cards now (minus silvers, which seem to exist only in theory) and recently finished playind Zelda on the Wii (50 hours. 50 damn hours). So um, there you go. I'll try posting more stuff later on as time permits. For now, enjoy "The Mii Lebowski" presented by Wii Sports.

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