Thursday, December 28, 2006

In a flame war, sense is always the first casualty.


Now this is a story all about how some internet kids were just sittin' around when they decided to make some crank calls, and whaddya know, they made them all to the racist asshole Hal Turner Show.

Now, racist scumbags aren't worth anyone's time, but one that has charisma among other racist scumbags is worthy of scorn, and so it was delivered to Turner on his show in the form of crank calling. Turner then got a list of phone records who called him and told his rabid, frothing, ignorant, racist, violent fanbase to basically beat the living excretia out of these people, many of whom are children. Thats the kind of wonderful person we're dealing with, "Beat up these kids for making me look silly."

After which calls were apparently made to his home, harassing his wife and mother, or so Turner claims, and lets be a little frank about how far we're going to trust the words of this kind of steaming animal, considering such a claim couldnt be easily proven but gives him an out to carry out his masturbatory violence fantasies. Also his crank-called mother apparently died in 2004, so... yeah he might not be constantly truthful all the time about everything.

Anyhoozle the internet retaliated, as the internet is known to do, by DDoS-ing his site into nothingness for the time being, making it a bit of a challenge for racists in the New Jersey area to effectively be told who they're supposed to hate this week. While I dont exactly endorse vigilante intertube-justice, it was more than warranted here, and hopefully an organization in a position to investigate Turner for criminal charges will be in a position to now. Heres hoping for good riddance to racist garbage.

(PS, if the opening paragraph is lost on you, you would do well to remember that this cab is rare so I said "Ah, forget it. Yo Holmes! To Bel Air!")

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