Sunday, January 7, 2007

I really dont want to be vulgar about this...

I really, really, REALLY don't want to just let forth with the torrent of insane screaming non-FCC-approved terminology that this movie trailer brings to mind, and I'm hoping that you'll understand why, watching it.

Watch it again. They're seriously making a documentary about video game violence, a topic I'll concede worthy of examination, and doing it in the most inflammatory way possible. One shot, right after someone talking about people willing to accept more violence in video games, is from the first Oddworld game, and in the shot we see the player character Abe apparently being shocked by multiple lightning streams, writhing in pain. In fact, at that point in the game, he is recieving godlike powers, enabling him to save his fellow mudokon bretheren. The "violent" clip shown is in fact of the hero becoming the savior of his people. Classy.

The clip imediately following that is (I may be wrong but seriously doubt it) from Myst 4: Revelation, a point and click adventure game that contains absolutely no blood or violence whatsoever (none committed by the player at any rate, theres a bit of inter-NPC fighting, but certainly no killing). If they presented this to counterbalance the violent game imagery they depict then that would be good, but no, its only for a second, in which they have to falsely superimpose bullet holes onto it to pretend that it too is footage from another mindlessly violent video game. Its making stuff up to make nonviolent games seem violent. I wonder if the conclusion of the film will be weighted one way or another. No, seriously, I totally wonder about that. Losing all kinds of sleep over here.

Damn this is going to be a horrible film, isnt it... unless theyre trying to be so over the top just to set these idiots up for a fall (hope against hope) so they look like idiots for saying, for instance, that a Flight simulator is a video game and is to blame for 9/11.


Favorite expert quotes:
"We dont want to force you to adopt a rating system, but if you don't, we will." - Sen. Joe Lieberman (CT4L-CT)
Hey Joe, I don't want to shove a live hand grenade down your throat, but if you don't do it for me, I'll just have to.
"We cannot fathom what this medium will be in 40 years, and I'd bet my life on it." - Jack Thompson, professional advocate of failed anti-gaming, anti-first-amendment legislation.
You know what Jack, I agree. I too would bet my life that you, with your myopic worldview and predisposition to hate electronic entertainment, that yes, you cannot fathom what gaming will become 40 minutes from now, let alone 40 years.
"We are what we pretend to be." - Unknown
I'm Superman, nimrod. Now kneel before me.

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