Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Just a breif little public service announcement for now going out to all you crazy cats and kittens.

Also, a very special message to a dear friend of mine.


  1. Laughed my ass off.

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  3. Frank this is HIS blog, not yours. You really shouldn't tell him to leave you alone when you came here, ya know?

    Besides, Mr. T is always funny. Especially in those funky funky tube socks.

  4. Frank, the fact that youve been coming here to tell me to stop saying, and lets be clear about this, basically just the one insult over and over again, SCREAMING at me even about it, kind of pulls the gravitas right the hell out of your argument. You want to respond in kind? Want to try to hurt me the same way I'm "hurting" you? Post unnecessary and gratuitous insults against me on your own blog. Seriously. Do it and watch me care what you think of me.

  5. Here you go, Frank.
    Thanks for the radio link.
    but where does Rex find all these cool toys?

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  7. dude, wha'd he say?

  8. What he posted was a link to this right here which is clearly hilarious because mad cow jokes are current in this modern year of 1997.

  9. Ummm, 'k. Not sure I get it.

  10. The “Patriot Act”
    LIFE is NOT easy as a Federal Whistle Blower, but when you have the PATRIOT ACT behind you, it does make it Satisfying from a Law Man’s point of view. Your co-workers get investigated, your Church, even the little ole lady that bumps into you at the grocery. Why? Standard Procedure. I'm NOT Joking. One of the bad parts is your getting audited by the IRS almost every year. Keep it Squeeky Clean is my Motto !
    Here's the BEST part, anyone on this Website is 'Under Investigation' now. Why May you ask ? Because all my actions are closely monitored and investigated. They think some more “bad guys” will come after me for PAY BACK. They are absolutely correct.
    Thank GOD and the US government for sophisticated technology. LOVE it ! Its saved my life more than Once. Its well known that I am a GOD Loving man, and I believe in Him and his son Jesus Christ. I let Atheists know it. They come after me. End of story for them. Most are NOT completely law abiding citizens. I have convinced them of it.
    Now, any “Atheist” organization is automatically labeled as a “possible” terrorist cell. It is handled just like it was the Taliban or AlQuida. Sorry, ideology has done you in.
    I drop the DIME on LOW LIFEs like you! I give them a TIP on possible suspects, they follow it up. Now every Atheist site I can find. I go to it, and leave this message as a warning. Giving you HALF a chance to survive. Watch your step. It is REAL. You will see suspicious characters watching you, and agencies working you in the background.
    I testified against the Japanese Mafia in Atsugi, Japan. Drugs, Classified Documents sold, Prostitution, & Black Marketing to name a few in the year 1998. Onboard US military installations. Talk about a BIG bust ! I went under cover, and transferred out to LIVE.
    I've been working as a undercover DHS agent for Years. Now, I am coming out of UC status and I will be heading to my new assignment. Thanks GUYS and GRLs! This last BUST put me Over the TOP as the #1 Agent in the USA. They want me to come Up there and Teach new agents how to handle themselves in the field “not getting Cocky.” Playing by the rules. Its Quite Rewarding…. Spiritually. The LAWMAN and I work closely together. Brotherhood & Sisterhood MIXED together. I am a former police officer as well. That’s what drove me to “clean up” the military bases and make our Military Uniforms stand for something …. Again.

    Go Ahead PUNKS! Laugh it Up! The IRS will be auditing each one of you, DHS will do a complete background check, and the FBI will be visiting your work places to interview your coworkers! THIS is so SWEET. You know who you have to Blame >?
    NONE other than a LOUD MOUTH “Atheist” webmaster - DALE ! thanks Dale.
    This is his website: