Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell is dead

The hatred and animosity for the man in his lifetime is wholly understandable. By helping to breed and legitimize homophobia, racism, sexism, and religious intolerance in America he has certainly made enemies of almost all Americans at one point or another, and being the pivotal and controversial figure he is, I can certainly see why many in Inter-tube land would take positive delight in the fact that Americans won't have to put up with him for a second longer. However, I am not here to speak to his anti-homosexual views, many already have and not being a homosexual I would have nothing useful to contribute. Likewise his racism, likewise his sexism, and since I'm not religious I wouldn't even think it too proper to talk on his intolerance of jews and muslims (to say nothing about those 9/11-causing pagans). Here though, is why I do hate him:

"Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions"

Gives you an interesting view of his understanding of Christianity. Jesus spoke against a corrupt establishment that claimed to be holy and righteous. And because he did, it is now a sin to speak against a corrupt establishment that claims to be holy and righteous. You are to do exactly what you're told, and to act as you are instructed by the preist-class, and to question this makes you a lesser creature. Jerry Falwell prided himself on being able to tell people how to behave, how to act, on being able to control and manipulate otherwise potentially sane people who had the misfortune of coming to his church for answers to their questions. This is the core problem with all major religion, what makes almost every rigorously structured belief reprehensible: the contempt is has for its own.

I look forward to the world soon becoming a better place for having finally sent Falwell to burn in the deepest pits of the darkest depths of the hottest precincts of hell, for all eternity.