Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh hell but this is hilarious...

Yesterday there was this list that hit the Interwebmotubality 2.0 that was another of those "Look how many people think like we do, and not at how many many more oppose us," lists that contained, purportedly, 500 names of scientists who were severely skeptical of Global Warming, published by the Heartland Institute.

I say "purportedly" because it turns out, as DeSmogBlog has discovered, at least 45 of the names on that list are not only not Global Warming Skeptics at all, but also had no idea they were even on the list. Many of those 45 have come forward in the first 24 hours since the publication of the list, and their numbers keep growing. Some quotes:
"I am horrified to find my name on such a list. I have spent the last 20 years arguing the opposite.” - Dr. David Sugden, Professor of Geography, University of Edinburgh

"Please remove my name. What you have done is totally unethical!!" - Dr. Svante Bjorck, Geo Biosphere Science Centre, Lund University

"I have NO doubts ..the recent changes in global climate ARE man-induced. I insist that you immediately remove my name from this list since I did not give you permission to put it there." - Dr. Gregory Cutter, Professor, Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University
This is not the first embarassment such lists have suffered, Sen. James Inhofe had previously listed 400 "skeptic scientists" including predominantly Economists, Social Scientists, Mathemeticians and Conservative Radio Host Michael Savage. Among those with some actual expertise in the sciences, a large percentage were chemists, geologists and physicists with little if any experience in climate science, and among those who actually did work in meteorology, weren't retired, and weren't on various payrolls of oil companies, 44 names, more than a tenth of the list, were simply TV weathermen.

The truly ridiculous thing though is how, even in the face of the obviously bogus nature of these painful attempts to publically legitimize GW "skepticism," they remain entirely unfazed. The comment threads for the linked posts include the same tiresomely old chestnuts we've come to expect, "Newsweek predicted Global Cooling in the 70s," "Parts of Mars are sort of warming too," "It's all a Liberal Communist Scam to protect their grant money," and my personal favorite: "Skeptics are subject to a witch-hunt by the terrifying powers of 'Big Conservation' and Darth Goracle."