Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Headline that pertains to Political Disaffectation

A lot of people would begin a post such as this pretending they get numerous questions about why they've stopped following politics on their blog, but I have chosen instead to begin this post with an absurdly meta-reference to it because I think that makes me smart and oh what a fool I am.

So anyway, yeah I'm basically not going to follow politics much on this blog anymore. Not because I'm done with politics personally but because there are already people doing that well enough as it is elsewhere on the web, and I'm not going to pretend you, my audience, whoever you are and presuming you even exist, much give a tinker's cuss what my opinion is on things at the moment. Also I've come to the realization that the only reason I ever went to single-person political blogs was to howl in the comments section, and I need to find better ways to spend my days.

However, since people tend to gravitate to where they can howl the loudest here in the blogosphere, I realize that this will significantly limit the size of my audience. Nevertheless, as easy as I recognize it would be to build bogus drama by throwing out another Lieberman Sucks post, I can't be bothered. That is all.

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