Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Next Three Hourgames, and one I sorta inspired.

The following Hourgame Theme was "The Future," And to wit I wrote Future Ho. At this point I started trying to use the Hourgame events as an excuse to learn something specific about the AGS Engine, and in this game it was the elusive, and yet so plot-essential, cut scene. Also about this point I was trying to incorporate some weird time-space spanning super-meta-plot for all my eventual and terrible future hourgames, something about the Sour Smiley and the Shoe being in some level of eternal conflict, something, I dunno... At any rate, Download Here.
Next was the followup game, in which I tried to further complicate the plot in spite of the theme, which was "Paint," which spanned paint itself to MS-Paint or, in my case, Paint.Net and its various graphical filters. As a result most of the graphics in this game are blurry beyond necessity because I was planning on using them to be... I'm actually not sure. I think the plot was supposed to be that there was this painter who was somehow the cause behind the whole Shoe v Smiley mess because of a painting of his, and you had to destroy the painting, but it turns out you didnt and dun-dun-duuuunnnn... Yeah it didn't work out, so I was mainly screwing with the graphics filters. Oh, also I recorded a really lame song for the game, me on guitar as well as making a silly kazoo sound with my mouth. I recommend playing the game with Mute on. Download Here.
Final game in this post is Adventures in Time and Safes, where the theme was "Safes." With this one I was just trying to be more clever than not with the puzzle, where the combination is written on the vertical blinds. Not alot else about this one in particular, with the notable exception that it was the first time I actually won one of these Hourgames, and I'm not to ashamed about the puzzle, though I feel the graphics are a fairly low point for me. Nevertheless, a winner. Download Here.
As I won this one, I got to run the next hourgame, and made a damn pathetic mess of it, since I didn't even show up on time (confound you, daylight savings, my old nemesis) the theme became where the hell I went. SteveMcrea was the only one to complete one, so I'm linking to his game here, as well as the trophy he won for it. Download Steve's Game Here.

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