Friday, June 25, 2010

A thing that just happened

In the process of deciding to put my blog back together and force myself to start writing again, reformatting this and adding that, I found my brother's old blog, and informed him of a single typographical error.

'Tis a full and rich one, this life of mine.

On that note, yeah I'm going to try and start blogging again. Life-update, lost my job in March 2009, been trying to find work that my degree is good for now, namely Editing, Proofreading or Writing, but have been unable to find it. Well that's not fair, I worked as an editor for about three months on a manuscript by a holocaust survivor, and as a content proofreader part time as well, but nothing consistent, what little there ever was has since dried up.

About January I realized I should have, a long damn time ago, actually gotten as into game programming as I had meant to about ten years ago. I've since been working off and on (mainly off) on a project involving the Adventure Game Studio, which I've been enjoying learning, and hating that I haven't been doing more with. I have, however, been participating in the HourGames on the forums, even made a few, and will be putting them up here as soon as I get things sorted out. The bigger project, which I'll describe elsewhere (I'm not trying to keep state secrets here, honestly its just that I want to finish this post and make dinner) still remains, however, and I hope to have even a ugly proof of concept by the end of the year, so long as I can kick my own ass into doing something.

Also I'm trying to put together a concept for a sprite-animated Let's Play type thing, but that keeps falling out of my mind too. Being unemployed and filled with broke-ass dread will do that I suppose.

Um... oh, also since last I posted here milady Heather has moved in, my brother got married and I performed the ceremony, and I've purchased a Playstation 3.

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