Monday, July 26, 2010

Latest Hourgame: Poops and old people

The theme this past Saturday was "I'm Too Old for this Shit." I'd like to say it was completely intentional that I had spent more than 40 minutes on graphics, leaving way less time for coding, and ultimately being late again, but I can't. I'm not more ashamed than usual about how I draw, but I sort of preoccupied myself during the process with something called Life in a Day, which is some sort of documentary of everyone's life on that particular Saturday. That, coupled with the ever-present concept of recording the process of making an hourgame that's mentioned in every thread (though was only ever done twice) gave me the idea to film myself doing it. Naturally, me being me, I took way more than an hour, ran out of tape, couldn't record the music I was trying to, had no end of weird and stupid bugs interrupt what I was doing, and to top it off, CamStudio didn't manage to actually record what I was doing on the screen. Left me with 90 minutes of me staring at the screen which I wasn't going to bother with, plus a marginal complex about putting the video up there and trying to make things look nicer than they needed to be.

Well anyways, the game can be Downloaded Here, and Here's The Forum Thread about it this week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Football and Squirrels

Alright, heres the latest two Hourgames I've done. Here's one based on the World Cup, which was still ongoing at the time, called A Tale of Feets and Balls. I used this to get some grounding in dialogue trees, as well as basic scripting for characters. This one I'm happy to say I won the trophy for as well, for, evidently, animation more than anything (which I found odd since thats sort of the thing I spent the least time on). Download Here
So the next week I picked the theme of Squirrels, and used the opportunity to play with Dialogue options more. I'm fairly happy with how (and damn but it wasn't easy to) I learned to play with the Dialogue trees, manipulating variables within the dialogue, inventory, etc. The game is One Fine Day Amid a Verdant Field. Download Here
The Winner of the above trophy was SteveMcCrea, who's game, as well as Wyz's, can be found in this Forum Thread.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Towels and Mike Tyson

So here's the next hourgame in sequence that I did: One Fine Day at the Shop. Here I was more sort of experimenting with what I could do with character objects, particularly invisible ones. I'm proud to say that I did win this hourgame as well, and as such won the lovely Towel Trophy, which was designed by Scarab.
Following that victory, the next hourgame was held on what turned out to be the five-year anniversary of Mike Tyson's retirement from professional boxing, and the theme became "What has he been doing in the mean time?" I used the opportunity to play around with the graphics editors a bit, use music and such, as well as learning how to put together splash-screens.
As for the contest itself, Here you can find the thread, and the compilation file of all the entrants, including that of the winner, Wyz, you can Download Here

Monday, July 5, 2010

Warcraft Adventures

So about 15 years ago I get a copy of PCGamer magazine plugging a WarCraft themed Adventure game. This was, it goes without saying, big stuff. Then, over about four years of development hell, wherein, if the comment section of reddit is to be trusted, the Russian animation studio was constantly late and behind on their production, causing absurd delays, Blizzard eventually said screw it and cancelled the project. My understanding is that it eventually was nearly finished, waiting on animation still, when they axed it. It was a 1995 adventure trying to make waves in a 1999 FPS market, their decision was sensible.

It turns out now, though, that alphas of the game were completed and apparently somebody got a hold of one. Some ten years after the project was cancelled someone got a hold of it and posted a few videos. Words alone cannot express how much I want more of this. More specifically, a copy of the alpha itself to dinker around with. If someone managed to successfully locate and distribute the abandoned Duckman adventure game, I have to believe this is doable.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Next two hourgames wot I done did

The next Hourgame's theme was "Underwater, to wit I made this thing, just carrying on the theme from previous games of the shoe and the smiley, and some joke in IRC at the time about dogs and half-blood princes, and about here I just started getting stupid exhausted with the whole thing. Download Here, though I don't really recommend it.

The next time I didn't even participate, I think I was busy or something, or probably just lazy.

Anyhows the next competition I put more effort into things, and am actually a little proud of what I got done. The theme is "2 cups 1..." anything basically. Perhaps unsurprisingly most of the entries were "2 cups 1 cup," as was mine, I freely confess, though it did involve the shoe as well. I think it was my most involved puzzle string to date, requiring talking to the girl twice for two different responses, using items on the scenery, combining inventory, etc. I'm really quite pleased with how it came out, and only somewhat frustrated that I lost to Scarab's superior game, which was also his first ever, and was on time, which mine, as per usual, wasn't. Fun fact, he created the trophy for that weeks winner as well, before he was declared to have won. His can be found here, and as for mine, you can Download Here.