Thursday, July 22, 2010

Football and Squirrels

Alright, heres the latest two Hourgames I've done. Here's one based on the World Cup, which was still ongoing at the time, called A Tale of Feets and Balls. I used this to get some grounding in dialogue trees, as well as basic scripting for characters. This one I'm happy to say I won the trophy for as well, for, evidently, animation more than anything (which I found odd since thats sort of the thing I spent the least time on). Download Here
So the next week I picked the theme of Squirrels, and used the opportunity to play with Dialogue options more. I'm fairly happy with how (and damn but it wasn't easy to) I learned to play with the Dialogue trees, manipulating variables within the dialogue, inventory, etc. The game is One Fine Day Amid a Verdant Field. Download Here
The Winner of the above trophy was SteveMcCrea, who's game, as well as Wyz's, can be found in this Forum Thread.

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