Thursday, July 1, 2010

Next two hourgames wot I done did

The next Hourgame's theme was "Underwater, to wit I made this thing, just carrying on the theme from previous games of the shoe and the smiley, and some joke in IRC at the time about dogs and half-blood princes, and about here I just started getting stupid exhausted with the whole thing. Download Here, though I don't really recommend it.

The next time I didn't even participate, I think I was busy or something, or probably just lazy.

Anyhows the next competition I put more effort into things, and am actually a little proud of what I got done. The theme is "2 cups 1..." anything basically. Perhaps unsurprisingly most of the entries were "2 cups 1 cup," as was mine, I freely confess, though it did involve the shoe as well. I think it was my most involved puzzle string to date, requiring talking to the girl twice for two different responses, using items on the scenery, combining inventory, etc. I'm really quite pleased with how it came out, and only somewhat frustrated that I lost to Scarab's superior game, which was also his first ever, and was on time, which mine, as per usual, wasn't. Fun fact, he created the trophy for that weeks winner as well, before he was declared to have won. His can be found here, and as for mine, you can Download Here.

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