Saturday, July 10, 2010

Towels and Mike Tyson

So here's the next hourgame in sequence that I did: One Fine Day at the Shop. Here I was more sort of experimenting with what I could do with character objects, particularly invisible ones. I'm proud to say that I did win this hourgame as well, and as such won the lovely Towel Trophy, which was designed by Scarab.
Following that victory, the next hourgame was held on what turned out to be the five-year anniversary of Mike Tyson's retirement from professional boxing, and the theme became "What has he been doing in the mean time?" I used the opportunity to play around with the graphics editors a bit, use music and such, as well as learning how to put together splash-screens.
As for the contest itself, Here you can find the thread, and the compilation file of all the entrants, including that of the winner, Wyz, you can Download Here

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