Monday, July 5, 2010

Warcraft Adventures

So about 15 years ago I get a copy of PCGamer magazine plugging a WarCraft themed Adventure game. This was, it goes without saying, big stuff. Then, over about four years of development hell, wherein, if the comment section of reddit is to be trusted, the Russian animation studio was constantly late and behind on their production, causing absurd delays, Blizzard eventually said screw it and cancelled the project. My understanding is that it eventually was nearly finished, waiting on animation still, when they axed it. It was a 1995 adventure trying to make waves in a 1999 FPS market, their decision was sensible.

It turns out now, though, that alphas of the game were completed and apparently somebody got a hold of one. Some ten years after the project was cancelled someone got a hold of it and posted a few videos. Words alone cannot express how much I want more of this. More specifically, a copy of the alpha itself to dinker around with. If someone managed to successfully locate and distribute the abandoned Duckman adventure game, I have to believe this is doable.

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