Friday, November 4, 2011

My annual post on how little I’ve been posting

Now with more self-resentment over it!

Or not, its been a… well I’d say weird year but it usually is for everyone else too so I can’t use that as an excuse. Truth is I suppose I’ve been in a depressive funk for the better part of a year, as a result of which I end up sitting around rather than doing the stuff I’d prefer to, which naturally enhances the funk, so yeah… that.

In other news I had been pushing myself to get back into VG design, and I think I need to hit a Stencyl project hard and stick with it. I’m trying to get a simple run and jump thing going just to make sure I understand collision mechanics, maybe end up learning Actionscript through this, but then I keep telling myself things like that so time will tell.

I have been getting into DM-ing Dungeons and Dragons of all things though, and I think I’m taking to it pretty well. In fairness I think it’s been obsessing over that for the last month we’ve been doing this, got plotlines and encounters set up for a month or more I think. I imagine we’ve been consuming as much time as we have been because I’ve been doing battles with hordes of minions which take more time to plan around/with. It’s helping me work with world-building, which I think it’s the part of game creation I take to most, so that’s fulfilling.

Even with that, however, I need to keep myself on about learning Photoshop (and by extension most of CS3), Stencyl, and get into writing more.