Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Semi-annual Blog post, and what I seem to think about Mass Effect despite never having played it.

Well, got a proper job (temporarily at least, but I am reeeeeeally hoping it lasts) and no longer working for whats-his-name-and-good-riddance-to-it. I start Thursday this week, will probably end up taking the bus in and out of Baltimore rather than drive and park, but I’ll work that out in the long term or something.
So at the moment otherwise. Been putting the game programming thing off for a while, free time has been dominated with the D&D campaign really. On the powerfully-off-chance I have any readers, here's a link to the wiki I set up for it. I’m liking the broad direction but I’m aware of the things I keep forgetting to do, and how I end up in the trap every now and again of “Oh, this’ll be awesome” turning into “why is this so confusing?”
I think what might be interesting as a side project at the moment, to get me into programming at least a little bit, would be to try and use Stencyl or something to make an Android app (Oh, yeah, I have an Android phone now) that can help with quick and dirty creation of things that just sort of take too long and don’t need details. What those things are I’m not sure yet. See there’s random generators for NPC Character histories and dungeons and fractal planet builders and all, but you don’t really need those to do the grunt of putting a story together, giving a character a quest to hand the players, etc. Plus, can’t find a thing, and I know one has to exist, that will just make a simple Soldier, Skirmisher, Artillery, etc enemy and do the math quick and easy. I’m trying to build the idea around what I feel like I could do with in a pinch, figure that’s as good a place as any to start, maybe some pie-in-the-sky concepts to procedurally generate story hooks or something, need to think about this.
Haven’t even been playing games much lately. I have L.A. Noire and Skyward Sword just sitting there, waiting for me… judging me… and I keep thinking I’ll get to them eventually, but I never really want to as much as I want to create more D&D stuff which is… good? Been wanting, in a way, to get Mass Effect 2 for PS3, but at this point I’m thinking I should really just not bother what that as a franchise.
See, in the first place, ME1 isn’t available for PS3. ME2 has some kind of interactive backstory thing I hear, and that’s nice, plus has a lot of add on content too, and it runs $20. Sweet, right? Well except it leads right into Mass Effect 3 of course, and as a game that’s been getting all kinds of flack. First, apparently the ending is garbage or holy writ depending on who you ask, and that really undercuts why I’m bothering at this point, which was mainly the story. Second is all the DLC ramming it’s got going on, recently revealed on-disc assets are activated with a $5 patch or something, honestly I couldn’t care less. And third is that it’s still $60, fair enough it’s new, but got me thinking. If I’d end up getting it, it would have to be the GOTY edition that has all the patches, that when it goes on sale or something too, and I’d only play it after I chewed completely through the first one and… that’s just when I completely stopped caring. I’m sure it’s a great game, but at this point it’s gotten to be an onerous obligation if I have any intention of getting into it at all and I really just can’t be bothered, if I’m honest.
So… that’s it. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Oh, also PuzzWar 2012 (PuzzPocalyose) which I’ve got a bit more than half the concept together, but no idea for the gift. Ah well, it’ll come to me.

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