Monday, June 4, 2012

National Game Development Month Begins

So I'm 30 now, and for as long as I can remember I've wanted to make a sort of complete video game of some sort. I've spent some time fiddling with dozens of game engines and never got more than halfway into planning anything. I've got just fricking notebooks full of half-formed ideas that I never did very much with because of one or two hangups and never returned to. No longer. I'm putting it on myself and trying to push myself to keep on this, so that by the end of the month of June, I'll have as close to a complete game that I can look at and say "I did this."
So, This current June is National Game Development Month, and all month through, I'll be working on this and creating something in Stencyl, basically a sort of Legend of Zelda meets Harvest Moon type structure of a thing that combines a little bit of combat, a little bit of resource gathering, and a bit of trade simulator to meet a central goal via several different paths. I have no idea how polished it may be come June 30, or how complete the world will be by then either, but the point isn't like a Game Jam, to have something finished by a time limit, just to spend the week doing everything I can to crank something out.
The Game (Until I can come up with a less rubbish title) : Farm-Bot
You are a robot, awoken with amnesia, in Generic Fantasy Kingdom #773. Systems malfunctioning, memory gone, you require a sufficient quantity of what you know as Uranium so restart your internal fusion reactor (I look forward to your corrections, nuclear physics nerds) and initiate a full reboot. You come to find that the only proximate quantities of this substance in GFK773 appear to be a set of 6 mystical amulets, hidden in dungeons throughout the land, but you know not where, and the information can be costly.
Farm, mine, and trade between villages to make money, upgrade equipment and weaponry, fight your way through the dungeons to find the amulets that will restore your memory, and along the way, your conduct in towns throughout the kingdom could have farther reaching effects than the border of the villages. Will you extort money from poor villagers, ally with the criminal element to get the information you need, will you go out of your way to protect the villagers, putting yourself at risk to get what you need, or will you just keep to yourself, on the outskirts of town, coming only to trade and thinking only of yourself? These decisions are yours to make, so go forth on your adventure, Fa... ugh... Farm-Bot... I really need to come up with a better name.

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