Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stencyl Experiments

Hey, only a week-and-change since my last blogpost. Is it christmas already?

Well at any rate, I've been toying with Stencyl and made some progress, gotten the fundamentals of the game down, know where I need to work from here, yadda yadda.

First, I have the Crash Course game from Stencyl, a little run and jump affair.

Next, a Space Invaders clone I put together from the instructions.

Last, the first prototype of Robofarmer. Lacking copious amounts of polish at this point, but at least the game logic works, and aside from most of the graphics, I made it all meself.

From here on, I need to make different implements behave differently, add health for the player and enemies, picking up and setting down items, and pulling them out of a pack. This shouldn't be quite as difficult, but then I thought the previous bit wouldn't be either, so we'll see.

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