Saturday, December 29, 2012

Does this count as a Screenshot Saturday?

So first, I decided to update my sprite-avatar. I know, big news like this and I'm not making a full press release, what's wrong with me, but I figured it was time for a semi-fresh start to it. The old one was too much of just a Megaman Recolor, and honestly I didn't see myself in him. The current one is essentially similar in design, but more reflects my build and haircut I think, been a little while since I've done sprite-work, but I think it came out alright as a base.

The other thing I wanted to do was a quick character sketch, based roughly on the bodily proportions of the sprite character, and try and do a bit of work with a walk-cycle. Been a while since I drew, too, but I think it looks alright for a quick 'n dirty thing. Drawn in dry erase marker on a foldable noteboard my brother got me for christmas. Not sure if I'll do anything with him yet, could work for a point and click adventure I think, which I can do easily enough, but don't really know what I want to do with if I did. Have an idea I've been kicking around for something in a comic book-ish sort of world, but I feel that to do that properly would require better art than I'm capable of, and last time I tried I ended up sort of hung up on an interface trick I couldn't get to work properly. I do feel like doing one, though, could start off with a simple one with ol' simple sketch Stan over here maybe. Have to think about it.

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