Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stencyl droppings from the past few months

Mainly been doing two things, first is hemi-finishing the RoboFarmer prototype from before, which I shall link to here. This version has the ability to pick things up and place them anywhere, including on top of other objects, which causes errors but enough of that. The central problem I think was that I had designed what I wanted to do from the presumption that collision zones and sensor zones worked in a completely different way than they turn out to work, turns out they don't really play nice when they overlap, and when I tried to account for that, things didn't really improve, and by that time the month was running out and... excuses excuses, I just stopped working on it.

The second thing I did was to participate in one of reddit's own BaconGameJams. The theme was "Reversed Perspective" and from that I decided to make a game of Arkanoid played from the perspective of the Blocks, called Dio-Nakra because that's exactly how clever I am. The general idea is laying them down, some of them will earn "money" you can use to buy other blocks that will have different effects. I had ideas for power-up blocks and power-down blocks that would make the paddle's AI (which presently just follows the ball around) try to move more erratically which helps the block-laying player, as well as blocks that generate the income and having to valuate planting those over simple barriers, and honestly I think long term there's a bit of possibility there, but I finished the prototype after less than 24 hours, and collision started causing problems I couldn't work out how to either work around or rectify, so I just left it at the semi-functional state it was in.

I think I've come to the point where Stencyl might either be insufficient for the things I want to do with it, or I need to learn much more about it and the Actionscript it's based on, which is just a whole nother... thing... like why wouldn't I just learn Actionscript instead of Stencyl then and would it even be the best thing for it.

Either way I'm not planning on abandoning Stencyl, I just need to re-think the kind of games I want to make that make the simplest use of the features it provides... until it goes to the next version and completely buggerates my intentions. That you can lay out simple interfaces and such with it is great, and the built in physics works, but it just doesn't do either what I want, or the way I want it, and I need to work through that in the future.

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