Saturday, January 26, 2013

Punchy Update

Latest version has been released on the Stencyl Arcade

I'm happy with how this is coming out generally, but may have to stop work on this where it is currently, only so many more days in the month and I feel as a proof-of-concept and a learning exercise it's come as far as it can for now. I'll likely want to make a more complete version later on, have ideas for projectile effects and destructable terrain I think could be implemented without too much hassle, but honestly I'm fairly happy I was able to build a platforming control behavior from essentially scratch.

That said, I'm giving serious thought to abandoning Stencyl. Coding issues aside, it's just been problem after problem with little to none feedback explaining why. The most recent days-long issue was with a music file that could compile to the testable version, but not to the exported SWF, and there was nothing explaining as much. Converting the bitrate was a doddle, but if there is absolutely nothing suggesting this is the massive, crippling problem other than "Error, check internet connection", the hell am I supposed to do? Now that Construct 2 is available on Steam I think I'm going to give that a shot for the next project I think, most of the logic should translate without incident. I'll give Stencyl another look when it finally gets to version 3, which they've been teasing for the past year.

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