Thursday, February 21, 2013

I guess I'm in a mood

So, new Playstation coming out...

Big takeaways are that it will do things soon that OnLive can do now, like streaming video feed of your game, uploading to youtube, posting on facebook... you know, stuff that could easily be handled with a firmware update, but yeah, totally worth $599... probably. They didn't have a physical box to show, a date, a price point, or anything that made a single case for why you should want this product.

I feel like this is happening too damn much in gaming now, I'm just expected to know why I want a game while the Dev makes no effort to tell me why I should. "Hey, new Dead Space, and this one has In The Air Tonight playing in the commercials! While a guy walks through the snow! That's sort of like a feature, innit?" "Hey, you know Bungie? They make all those Space-Marine FPSs with big multiplayer? Well they're doing another one, and keep saying it's Amazing! Won't clarify why exactly but... but Bungie! Amazing! Amazing Bungie!" "Hey! New Playstation! It plays all the games you were already expecting, and we're selling it exactly the way we did the last one, which turned out to be a disaster... so yeah... but Hey! Impractical Killzone Trailer! Another Racing Game! New installments of non-risky IPs! Something-something Fantasy and Dragons! Stuff you saw two E3s ago! And OMGTECHDEMOZ!!"

This... I dunno, could be interesting, but it more announces they're killing the old console (that I kinda quite like) to just replace it with the same one. If they gave me a single thing that justified it's existence this would be such a different blog post. If they came out at a competitive price point, or features that change the consumer experience, or fscking ANYTHING...

I need to calm down, I feel like I've just been having a crummy week. So hey, Myst-by-way-of-Braid looks... interesting?