Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jack Royale, Pirate Detective

My #1GAM entry for March, which came out well enough for me to stop stressing as a little thing, I suppose. I give you Jack Royale, Pirate Detective.
I spent the whole month doing nothing, then doodling a few bits, then more nothing, then I played Spec Ops: The Line (which is, incidentally, pretentious garbage) then more nothing, then I played Bioshock Infinite (which is, incidentally, utterly amazing) then made most of this today, Easter, finishing just hours before the deadline. Not a big thing, and I had plans for a big thing, but it got me to re-learn Adventure Game Studio, which I took up fairly quickly, I think, and feel a bit comfortable with. Now, to think about April... by which I mean to put things off until the 29th again.

Click Here to Download.

Art credits:
Hotdog and Crowbar image from
Jazzy blues music from

Sunday, March 3, 2013

February #1GAM: Spacey Shooty

Yeah, I know, dumbass name, sue me. I basically just remade Galaga as a way to learn a whole new engine, and only gave myself basically a week in which to do so. Can't defend the decisions that led me here but I got it done, it's finished, and came in just under the wire at the end of February, and with essentially every feature I wanted for it. Click here to play.

Most resources were taken from Spaceship sprites by Blarget2, Boss sprite by Scrittl, Music by FoxSynergy, and Scrolling background from Michael James Williams off

This while scrambling to ad-lib a D&D session immediately after finishing, and then immediately contracting a severe stomach bug that, quite conveniently, only hit me after both of those were finished. As I say

Anyway, I think I'm falling for Construct2 as a platform. It's not more comprehensible than Stencyl exactly, but even though I was learning it all afresh I managed to work through it better. Stencyl seems to be trying to be cute, or maybe too kid friendly with the "snappable code block" thing they have, which I sort of get the utility of but the way it was presented just cluttered the visual UI of everything. Construct2 has a great many benefits, but the free version has this limit of 100 events that can be built in. The game above had something like 75, and that's only after having to pay special attention to how many I was using to keep it low, which, being as I'm not a programmer professionally and don't know how to optimize code (nor, after looking at it in the editor again, how to comment worth a damn, apparently) became not-so-much difficult as a source of stress when it came to completing the project. Long term I'd like to get the full version, but can't really justify throwing $100+ at a hobby at the moment, which likely means my use of the program might remain limited for a while.

Post-mortem on the game/month, something I wanted to do was to make the game musical. That is to say, the pitch of the player laser and the sound of the enemy ships would change depending on where they are in the map, so it would operate like a piano roll you'd be doing a sort of Gitaroo-man thing during, but I ended up scrapping this when I realized doing so would be A: fairly impractical; B: in excess of the 100-event limit; and C: not particularly fun. Also, there was another game I was planning on working on with another #1GAM-er, but due to a lack of communication which I wholly own responsibility for, it ended up falling through without much forward momentum being built. Moving forward I need to keep focus on an idea and be sure to keep working on it at all times. More important to finish a simple concept than to completely abandon a complicated one.

So, 2 months down. Gotta get an early start on March and keep it going so it's not a last-minute rush like this time. I keep feeling like a point and click adventure but not knowing what to do with one. Possibly I'll try an RPG but that's an even bigger/weirder hassle, so I dunno. Gave myself a bit of a breather here, what with finishing the one project and being ill over the weekend, but gotta get back on that horse.