Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jack Royale, Pirate Detective

My #1GAM entry for March, which came out well enough for me to stop stressing as a little thing, I suppose. I give you Jack Royale, Pirate Detective.
I spent the whole month doing nothing, then doodling a few bits, then more nothing, then I played Spec Ops: The Line (which is, incidentally, pretentious garbage) then more nothing, then I played Bioshock Infinite (which is, incidentally, utterly amazing) then made most of this today, Easter, finishing just hours before the deadline. Not a big thing, and I had plans for a big thing, but it got me to re-learn Adventure Game Studio, which I took up fairly quickly, I think, and feel a bit comfortable with. Now, to think about April... by which I mean to put things off until the 29th again.

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