Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#1GAM, three months in.

I've noticed the habit developing of constantly putting things off until the last minute, and how it's sort of killing my projects.

With Punchy I didn't run out of time so much as not have as much I expected, and still got it finished with a few days left in the month. With the Space Shooter, it was very close to the wire, and wouldn't have happened basically if I hadn't had the day off of work, and if nothing else I taught myself the ins and outs of Construct2, which I can see being invaluable long-term. 

With the Pirate Detective game, I didn't even have a game there. It was just the conclusion of a project. One I never gave myself time to build what was happening, or to draw any assets. The walk cycle took me forever and still didn't look very good, and I only had one background painted. I sort of re-learned AGS, but I don't know how valuable that is as a skill in the short term since, owing mainly to the scope of making an effective game and how it largely involves the creation of assets, I doubt I'll be doing another during this year.

There's a Construct2 GameJam going on on Newgrounds right now, top 8 prizes are various licenses for the program. The theme is Touch, so if I can come up with something to do for that it's worth a shot. I'm seeing a sort of Atari Combat clone but with touch controls, seen from the one tank's perspective? Don't know, need to think on it more.

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