Sunday, April 28, 2013

April #1GAM - Kriswell's Hall of the Five Elements

So two developments for this month. First, taking advantage of a current sale on Construct2, I now own a proper license and will be using this over Stencyl, for the reasons I listed earlier, as well as it just generally being a better deal in the long run over licensing Stencyl year-to-year or GameMaker. First thing I plan on doing with it is to remake Punchy, my January #1GAM, and make a fuller thing out of it, but that's the future.

Second, the April #1GAM I'm doing is not so much a video game as a development/adaptation of a module I ran in D&D sometime last year called Kriswell's Hall of the Five Elements. It was heavily Puzzle-centered at the time and ran as part of an exploration of the WotC Hammerfast expansion, and I was happy with the ideas involved, though the execution could, naturally, have done with some work. At any rate I'm satisfied with the idea and want to develop it further into a proper 4e module, which I hope to finish in the near future. For the moment, however, I've put together a one-page version of the module for entry into this year's One Page Dungeon Contest run by

Download the 1-Page Dungeon Here.

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