Thursday, May 30, 2013

Status Update

So, this has pretty much been an awful month, and had such a nice start too. Work was going better, finances getting secured, got a license for Construct 2 and was planning on rebuilding Punchy in it from the ground up. Then... well I won't go into it but a massive thing happened and it's gone and messed up our lives. We're dealing, or trying to at least, but it's had to take first priority over the #1GAM project.

Nevertheless I managed to get some headway in the project, and hopefully in the next day or two will put up the prototype here. It's basically working the way I want all the mechanics to, and all the things that aren't I know how to fix, just... like I can't fixate on repairing things at the moment. I dunno, the depression and the whole mess and everything, probably.

At any rate, next month begets Worldwide GameDev Month, an expansion of National GameDev Month last year. I'll be participating again, and hopefully will have more to show for it. I have a few things I want to do, like build on Kriswell to be able to release as a PDF or Roll20 module, flesh out Punchy some more, etc. I feel like the bulk of doing that is graphical work, though, and that might not be the most educational path to explore.

I think I want to make a sort of JRPG engine, but streamlined for touch devices so it's not just holding a directional button down to move, for instance. No idea how to do it yet, but I feel like it should be easily worked out in Construct once I have an understanding of how menus work.